One of my best friends got married yesterday.  I haven’t really done any serious editing yet cause I was worn out after all the hullaballoo, but this photo caught my eye.  At about 8:30am, Elizabeth is stunning.


More to come! Fo sho!



My cousin Anna is very colorful, naturally.  We decided to do a last minute photoshoot on the Blue Ridge parkway as the sun was setting.  That all seems romantic but light goes away FAST once the sun sets.

I love this one shot cause she looks like she’s leading a parade.

pomp and circumstance


The day after my brothers’ wedding we went out to eat downtown, Davis and Jane showed up too.

post-wedding blues


Jack and Jane

Davis shows off the ring

Zach Aattach

This is my grandma’s dog, Zach.  He has tons of energy and can jump really high, so we snapped some photos.

good boy


on camera flash!

Spencer on film

down low

One more from the fair

anticipation, and a satellite dish