Hide n Seek

So I’ve had the idea for this photoshoot for over a month and was wanting to do it, but kept putting it off because it’s kind of a big undertaking, but Kevin Eames, one of my teachers here at RCC, told me to stop selling myself short.  Thanks to him spurring me on to do big projects, I set aside Sunday afternoon for this baby.  Martha and Samantha are the models, wearing lovely vintage dresses from Father and Sons, Daniel helped with lights and fog, and I shot them all with a Nikon D90 with the kit lens :)

Have a look:





Lovely Samantha

Lovely Samantha

Breathtaking Martha

Breathtaking Martha

These are my four favorites.  I’ve almost gotten protective of them. They are my babies.

15 responses to “Hide n Seek

  1. These are very lovely. Me gustan mucho!

  2. I agree, this photography came out really amazing!

  3. Really Nice emily!!! The Devious is my favorite!!

  4. Glad you made your idea a reality! And it turned out superb!!

  5. Very nice composition, lighting & shadows. that’s my favorite!

  6. These are beautiful and creative; the “devious” one of definitely my favorite.. I could see these being in a magazine. I love the lighting. Well done Emily!

  7. This was a great idea Emily! Pretty cool going out into the woods to shoot. Reminds me of Lord of the Rings for some reason.

  8. The Devious is definitely my favorite..the light on Samantha is SO COOL! I can’t believe where you shot them too!

  9. I really like the first two shots, good lighting, great idea.

  10. what can i say , ur awesome i only wish i had ur talent ..

  11. every single one of them is just great- i love your idea- i love the results- each one is so different from the others that i just can´t pick one favorite- fantastic!! : )

  12. So, so great, Em!!! Really looks like a fantasy or dream. You were right – your models were AWESOME .. and so is your lighting. Great work!!

  13. EMILY! these are amazing. Awesome lighting and idea. Good job :]

  14. Perfect lighting and composition. Your imagination and creative talents are true gifts…run with them. Congrats on bringing your idea to life.

  15. Great job. I love all the images and feel that the lighting is great. Awesome job. The one with Martha by herself kind of confuses me though. Overall it is awesome.

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