Dentistry from the Heart

Every year my roommate and friend’s father, Gary Cameron, owner of Asheboro Dental Care, organizes Free Dentistry Day, a day in which the first 200 hopefuls in line get ritual cleanings, extractions, and other basic procedures for free.  He’s basically a baller. I did this back in early December.

Dr. Cameron and Mr. Tooth pose before doing a television interview.

Next to the already huge staff, a number of volunteers helped out that day.

Free coffee

Some patients waited in line since 4pm the day before.

Gary and George

Thumbs up for Free Dentistry


Dr. Cameron gives one of the first patients a numbing shot.

After posting some of these on Facebook, I got a few comments about how excited people are about these random acts of kindness, and how their faith in humanity was failing but this restored it, it was kind of silly, but this is seriously one of the most generous, love-filled things I’ve witnessed.


6 responses to “Dentistry from the Heart

  1. I like your style. It looks like you all have done a wonderful job.

  2. Justin Saunders

    Ha! You said baller!

  3. Baller as in
    1. A thug or OG that has hit big time?
    2. An inner city ball player that has made it pro?
    3. One whose status in society has been earned by one’s possession of “game” (that is, proficiency at the game of life)?

  4. Thanks Brian,
    and Maria, definitely 3.

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