Strobe Fun

I’ve ‘needed’ a strobe light for a few years now.

So, with a crazy idea for a joint/final video assignment, I decided to head to walmart and get one.  We kind of used it for the video but what I’ve really been wanting to do, is have a strobe photoshoot for a while now so my friends and I just got together in the kitchen and had a little fun. I think i will take this into the studio and try to get more quality stuff, maybe get multiple strobe lights… who knows?

feelin it


Emily is going to model for me in the studio and do makeup for free!

i love her face. she's so photogenic.




2 responses to “Strobe Fun

  1. You know the school has a strobe GUN, right?

    You should play with it sometime.

    It’s used for light painting, but it’s basically just a directional strobe light that fires at a higher frequency than your average party strobe. I think it’s output is adjustable, but I don’t remember. It’s almost never used, though..

    I’m pretty sure it’s kept in ECO, but it might be held by Kevin or Irene.

  2. that is really flippin awesome emers

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