County Fair

I finally got some chemicals so I’ve been developing my own black and white, this is shot on agfa scala 200 film on my holgaaa.

you can kinda smell the funnel cake



Have you ever shotgunned a beer? It’s hard for me, so I have respect for people who are good at it :)

i think Kep won..

This was in Asheville in July, shot on a Canon 1D MkIV… sweet camera.

Spencer the Senior

I had a ton o’ fun shooting with Spencer about a week ago, I still have film to process that will be up soon!  First we went to the arboretum in Raleigh, then ventured to downtown to get all urban and cool.  So much fun, I wanna do more senior portraits.

sweet tie, huh?

part of the "cheesy mom portraits" series

part-time rockstar

pretty cool


My dad after a hard day.


such a handsome man


He’s awesome, and always willing to model for me and help me out.


Here’s my pretty sister again.

smoky light leak


verkin it

Portra 800 shot on the Holga

Things, goods, items..

People-less photos are fun.  I’m trying to take more of them.


Jessi C.

I love this girl. She is a complete badass, and also one of the sweetest, most caring people you’ll ever meet.


no editing on her eyes, yall!